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Meet the guest musicians on "Out of the Ashes"

Caitríona Lagan 

is an All Ireland Champion musician from County Derry in Ireland.  She was only 13 when she recorded the tracks for this album!  She has played for many festivals appeared on Television shows and radio programs, and she enjoys playing sessions and teaching. @caitrionalaganmusic

Zac Léger

is a multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, Oregon. He has appeared on over 2 dozen albums and has toured, performed and recorded with the likes of The Chieftains, Eileen Ivers, John Doyle and Liz Carroll, John Whelan, Jamie Laval, The Brilliant Gypsies, Women of Ireland, An Irish Christmas, Celtic Crossroads and Ireland: The Show. He  plays with local Portland band, Andrea Wild and the Bad Wolves.

Ben Grossman

is a Canadian hurdy-gurdy player, percussionist, composer and improviser. He performs both as a soloist and as part of various ensembles. Ben's work is featured on over 80 CDs. He has also been        recorded for film soundtracks, radio dramas, as well as for television shows and commercials.

Julie Cameron-Hall

With roots based in the acoustic/folk tradition, Julie is a trained violinist and singer  with various solo albums which have recieved nominations for the BBC sponsored GEM awards in two categories, best female artist and best single for 'Even an Angel'. She is currently part of the band Celtish. 


Rick Metcalf

(my father) is a fantastic guitar player and singer/songwriter. Although I play guitar myself on most of the tracks on the album, my dad just has a fantastic touch and sound that I cannot emulate, so I’m honored to have him featured on my albums!

Ian Fontova

is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Spain. He plays a huge number of instruments very well,  His newest album entitled “Foras” is a fantastic album and really shows his virtuosity as a compser and a perfomer.  He has played on many albums for many  musicians as well as video game soundtracks


Gerardo Hernández Cortés

Is a Puerto Rican multi instrumentalist who has played on many albums, live shows and television programs. He is also a fantastic instrument maker and has a great new solo album as well. I am honored to have him share some of his talent on this project. 

We are excited to announce the new musical project by Nick Metcalf - "Out of the Ashes" set to release on March 17! The project has a great supporting cast of fantastic musicians including all Ireland Champion Caitríona Lagan on banjo and Mandolin, Ben Grossman on Hurdy Gurdy, Zac Léger on Button Accordion, Bouzouki, and Guitar, Julie Cameron-Hall on Violin, Rick Metcalf on Electric Guitar, and Gerardo Hernandez Cortes on Duduk.  


Here are some reviews of the album:

'Out of the Ashes' is the timely new offering from whistle-maker and multi-instrumentalist Nick Metcalf, who weaves a beautiful tapestry of Celtic folk and world music, taking the listener on a captivating and healing journey:  From cinematic soundscapes to haunting lament; foot-tapping Irish jigs to intimate piano and whistle melodies - this album is never predictable but often joyful and full of gorgeous playing. Nick's low whistle improvisation on 'Lament for the Lost', reminiscent of Davy Spillane's best work, is a fine example of the heartfelt vision of this project, as is his choice of international supporting cast, whose skillfully weaved layers are the  delicious icing on the cake. I can thoroughly recommend stepping 'out of the ashes' into the refreshing beauty of Nick's instrumental landscapes."

~Nigel Cameron, Celtish / Sounds of Wonder Music


“Quite beautiful. It strikes me that the music recordings lend themselves very well to film music.” 

~Cormac Breatnach


"Out of the Ashes" is an amazing, lavishly orchestrated collection of multi-instrumental music that is all at once energizing, meditative and epic in scope. It's Celtic overtones evoke evocative, etherial imagery that could be a motion picture soundtrack or enjoyed in a meditative capacity. Wonderful!" 

~Steve Behrens


“Very nice! Love the production values and the very full, almost epic movie soundtrack it evokes. My faves upon first impression are Staying Home, The Piper's Folly, Lament for the Lost (chills on that one), and At the Gates. Congrats!!”

~Susan J. A. Ritta (Celtic music radio show host)

"Great! Big production, well done

~Ross Ainslie

"This album is a series of soundscapes built around the central pivot of the whistle.

Each track has its own narrative, with the melodies intertwining with well sculped sound envelopes that create mood and texture. The pace ebb’s and flows throughout, with slower and ethereal sounds melding with pacier melodies, jigs and reels. 

There are a host of top-class supporting musicians who in the main add to the faster paced tunes, giving those sections a new sound and even a reminiscence of great night at a session. The sound of the Dudek is a nice surprise as is the lovely haunting fiddle. 

You could pick tracks to suit your mood at any given time. There are meditative themes that would sit nicely in the air as you calm your mind from a busy day, through to rousing, even electric guitar and drum driven rhythms that could stir you into action. 

There are tracks that on their own would sit well within a soundtrack for film media and would help create the backdrop to either energise or calm a scene.

There is a lot to listen to here and each track can stand on its own. Your choice of which to listen to and when will be determined by the factors of your day, the place, the time and of course your mood." 

~Terry Clarke-Coyne


               “Out of the Ashes” will be available everywhere music is sold online

                March 17, 2021. 

The fine instruments made by Nick Metcalf are all individually hand crafted, and hand tuned to concert pitch A440. Many of the whistles are custom, unique, one of a kind instruments unlike any other. Nick's Irish whistles are exquisitely crafted, precision engineered works of playable art with great attention to detail, and designed not only to look great, but to play beautifully. Nick designs instruments for the professional musician, although they are also enjoyed by casual players as well. A fine quality, hand crafted instrument made by an artist and a musician who plays the instruments he makes professionally, is an experience unlike any other! Our goal is to provide you with a fantastic quality instrument that will bring you great joy. makers of quality handcrafted instruments, that are precision engineered and designed by Nick Metcalf who has been making Irish Whistles since 1998. Nick has made over 15,000 instruments and sold them all around the world. We do our best to make sure each instrument plays very well, and is tuned as accurately as possible. we have a 30 day return policy on all of our instruments, and we will provide repair and support for life. All of our instruments are pre-made, and sold through a 3rd party. We do not take custom orders, however if there is a specific key or design feature you are looking for you are welcome to request it using the contact page. 

We make Irish whistles in most of the popular keys. Our most popular model is the Low D Irish Whistle. The second most popular is the high D. D is the most commonly used key for whistles for sessions and you will find most traditional Irish music is playable on a D whistle (either high D or low D). Many other keys are quite popular as well. The Bb is also quite popular especially among bagpipe players. The mid range whistles like the low F, low G, and low A Irish whistles are some of the most fun to play as they don't require the stretch that the low D and low C models do, and they have a very sweet lower tone than high whistles. Nick plays a lot at churches and with worship music and finds having a wide variety of keys helps in being able to play along with just about any song. 

Besides for being an instrument maker and a musician, Nick Metcalf is an artist, Many of his videos of making art and music have gone viral on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. @nick.metcalf

His art is for sale on his Etsy store page: